Zieglersí Nurseries offers a wide selection of products to our retail customers.
If you are looking for something that is not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

     Blue Girl
     Blue Boy
     Dragon Lady
     Japanese Drops of Gold
     Japanese Sky Pencil
     Winterberry Sparkleberry
     Winterberry Southern Gentleman

     Blue Billow Lacecap
     All Summer Beauty Blue
     Oakleaf Snow Queen

     Red Lady

Itea Little Henry

     Blue Boulevard
     Blue Pacific
     Blue Point
     Blue Rug
     Blue Star
     Dwarf Andora
     Japanese Golden
     Wichita Blue

     Japanese Ivory Silk Tree
     Chas Joly Double Red
     Lemoine Double White
     Old Fashioned Purple

     Autumn Blaze
     Crimson King
     Dissectum Threadleaf
     Paper Bark Griseum
     Red Sunset

Old English Boxwood

Oak Red
     Large Pin Oak 6"-7"

Pea Tree Weeping Siberian
Pear (Flowering)
Pear (Fruiting)
Pieris Japonica
     Dragon's Eye
     Japanese Black
     Eastern White
     Japanese White Parviflora
     Umbrella Sciadopitys
Plum Newport Purple
Pyracantha Mojave

Quince Texas Scarlet

Redwood Dawn Metasequoia
     Choinoides White
     Nova Zembia Red
     Roseum Pink Lavender
Rose Knock-Out

Smoke Tree Royal Purple
Smoke Tree Velvet Cloak
Spirea Anthony Water
Spirea Bridal Wreath
Spirea Gold Mound
Spirea Magic Carpet

Spring Hours: M-F 8a-5p & Sat 8a-4p
Summer Hours: M-F 8a-4p & Sat 8a-12p