Zieglersí Nurseries offers a wide selection of products to our wholsesale customers.
If you are looking for something that is not listed below, please feel free to contact us.

     Juniperus chinensis 'hetzii'
     Picea pungens 'glauca' - Siberian Spruce
     Pinus strobus (White Pine)
     Pseudotsuga taxifolia (Douglas Fir)
     Taxus baccata (Weeping English Yew)
     Taxus x media (Low Spreading Yew)
     Taxus cuspidata (Dwarfe Japanese Yew)
     Taxus cuspidata (Pyramidal Yew)
     Taxus cuspidata (Spiral)
     Taxus cuspidata (Globe Yew)
     Taxus cuspidata Goldberry
     Taxus cuspidata (Dense Yew)
     Taxus cuspidata Pompon
     Taxus x media Hatfield
     Taxus x media Hicksi
     Thuja occidentalis (Pyramidal Arborvitae)
     Tsuga canadensis (Canadian Hemlock)

Deciduous Shrubs
     Euonymous alatus (Burning Bush)
     Viburnum (Korean Spice Viburnum)

Topiary Evergreens
     Cypress (Blue Boulevard)
     Llex opaca (American Holly)
     Juniperus chinensis
     Pinus strobus
     Pseudotsuga taxifolia
     Taxus cuspidata 'capitata'
     Taxus cuspidata 'densiformis'
     Taxus x media 'pyramidalis'
     Thuya occidentalis - Emerald Green, Nigra, Pyramidals, Green Giant
     Tsuga canadensis

Spring Hours: M-F 8a-5p & Sat 8a-4p
Summer Hours: M-F 8a-4p & Sat 8a-12p